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Hi Gezim,

If you send me the information that you would like in your site, I will add it. On the left hand side we should have links to your CV, articles you have published, a link to your dictionary on Amazon, etc. If you can mail any newspaper articles ( I know you wrote one about Clinton) that would be best. That way I can scan them and make them look as good as possible. I have always thought that a website, especially a professional one, should have some good photos of the person in a "professional" setting. Do you have any photographs of yourself looking exceedingly studious? I was thinking a photograph of you behind a desk surrounded by books and papers.

I don't know if you want to actually put your rates on the site. If you do, we can add a page that has your rate table on it.

I also need your contact information. You can have an email address at gezimhadaj.com, like gezim@gezimhadaj.com (in fact, you can issue email accounts to anyone) and I can set it up so that emails forward to your gmail account or some other location.

Lastly, it is of course your site. What would you like?